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TileMan+Tirex: new alternative for Tile Service

FOSS4G 2013/Tokyo
Hiroshi Miura(@miurahr) 
OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan



Motivation: At first

Motivation: chaged mind soon

What's TileMan

Distributed tile server frontend

TileMan: tile manager

Non-fledged Tile Serving Manager

TileMan: powerful

TileMan: by client country

Border dispute Island between Korea and Japan.

From IP Address Korean,    From IP Address Japan

TileMan: use case

Easy install



TileMan: configuration

Typical Servers configuration

TileMan: configuration (cont.)

Extensive servers configuration

TileMan: Internal

OpenResty: App Server Extension for Nginx

Web Application Server

Nginx high performance http server



Tirex: at glance

Tirex: pronounce "Ti-rex"

TileMan: utilities

Future Challenge

Thanks and welcome

Ideas, suggestion and participation are welcome!

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